11 Types Of Lead Magnets You Can Offer In Exchange For An Email Address

11 Types Of Lead Magnets You Can Offer In Exchange For An Email Address - Brick and mortar your business to get leads

11 Types Of Lead Magnets You Can Offer In Exchange For An Email Address - Brick and mortar your business to get leadsLead magnets are a powerful thing.

They let you convert a visitor into a lead, which is a crucial first step on his or her journey through your sales funnel.

If you’ve been wondering what you should offer as a lead magnet in exchange for your precious visitor’s email address, don’t worry. Below you’ll find 11 of them to choose from!

11 types of lead magnets for a variety of businesses

1. Checklist – if you are explaining a process of how something needs to be done, then a summary of steps and a checklist which helps not to forget any of the important steps in the process is a great lead magnet.

It’s very simple to create – just list the steps or items needed for the process you’re describing. It’s a checklist after all. 🙂

2. Free report – this is a well known type of lead magnet, and it is quite often found as a content upgrade in a blog post. If you are covering a specific issue in a blog post, for example, you can offer a free report to visitors who want to find out more about the subject matter.

It should be treating one problem with one solution and be immediately applicable, so that your readers feel instant gratification by applying what you instruct them inside the report.

3. Ebook – similar to the free report, it can cover a subject in-depth, and is a great value to visitors who want to deeply understand a topic or apply more techniques which you are covering in your ebook.

It doesn’t have to be a 100-page ebook, but it needs to deliver value. If you feel you could charge for it, but still decide to give it for free, then you know you have a winner in your hands.

4. List of resources – when you treat a topic such as SEO, for example, then you can offer a list of resources which is a great shortcut for anyone who wants to learn more about the subject.

You can provide the list of additional reading which can expand on the topic, list of tools to use to speed up the success, list of authority blogs or websites to follow to stay informed of the news,  list of best selling products known for their quality in the field etc.

Easy to make and quite valuable indeed.

5. Free videos – these are great because they can provide instant gratification. This means that once a visitor signs up for a free video, they get redirected to that video page immediately and can consume the content right away.

These are quick to make, allow for personalization and brand building (you’ll be perceived as an expert and will provide a human touch), and are attractive to visitors who prefer video over text.

6. Software – if you have access to free software that you can give away, then this is a great option for getting leads. Software has a high perceived value, and is viewed as helpful in speeding up the results of your visitors’ efforts.

If you don’t have your own software you can purchase a white label software and offer it as a lead magnet if the terms allow – you can expect great results.

7. Plugins – similar to software, they are perceived as valuable and will attract visitors’ attention. They can also be purchased as white label and offered as lead magnets.

8. Paper book – this one’s particularly useful if you’re a marketer because it already qualifies the buyers in the process.

This works as follows: you offer your paper book free, but only ask that the visitor pays for the shipping. There’s a bit of psychology at play here, because what is equivalent to this is that the visitor buys your ebook (for which there are no shipping costs, of course), but you get not only the visitor’s contact information, but also a new buyer (because the intent to pay for shipping is very similar to buying an ebook).

9. Free course – if you have an online course, or a course within your membership program, then offering a free course is a powerful lead magnet.

It’s perceived as high value as it is usually an actionable “how to” material teaching visitor’s how to solve a problem. It can also act as a platform from which you can upgrade them to your paid membership later.

10. Free product sample – for brick and mortar businesses, this is a no brainer. Again you charge just for shipment and the visitor will feel that he or she got a great deal.

11. Coupon or discount code – valid for both online and brick and mortar businesses, these can work great if timed properly, especially if linked to holidays or sales.

There they are, 11 types of lead magnets.

Now you have no excuse for not making at least one of them and testing them out with your audience!

Go ahead, pick and create. 🙂

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