6 Reasons Why Instagram Addiction Is So High

6 Reasons Why Instagram Addiction Is So High -

6 Reasons Why Instagram Addiction Is So High - These 6 factors explain why Instagram addiction is so high, and why the engagement on this platform leaves all other networks in the dust...Likes.

The immediate likes that come as soon as you post a photo, as an avalanche of recognition that you exist.

That you are not alone.

That what you do is good for some like-minded people.

In our estranged society today, having such a fix of digital love is one of the great happiness pills for many people. Including me. 🙂

Why is Instagram addiction so high?

Still figuring it out as I’m building my profile and audience, but it surely is the following:

1. It’s visual – we humans are fools for photos. For images of places still not visited, of a greener grass somewhere else.

For the word messages such as quotes or motivating sentences, a “just do it” phrase on a nice background in a beautiful font… We melt at the sight of that.

2. It’s super low commitment – all you have to do on Instagram is like. If you’re particularly moved by an image you can comment with an emoji, or tap “cool” or “nice pic”.

It’s a commitment-phobe’s dream. 🙂

But seriously, how commitment-intensive  is that? You like someone’s photo and they are happy. Comment and they will love you for it.

3. It’s super easy – liking or one-word-commenting is some of the lowest effort examples you can find in the social media world, and you still make someone happy.

Compare that to Facebook, Twitter or Google+  where you need to watch your word. You don’t want to sound stupid, clueless, amateurish, angry, or like a jerk.

Your well intended comment on those networks can turn into a nightmare because someone got it wrong.

On the other hand, liking a photo is easy, no misunderstanding there.

4. It’s safe from embarrassment – unless you post embarrassing photos, you’re safe forever if you like and praise people’s images. You simply can’t look stupid, clueless, amateurish, angry, or like a jerk.

5. It’s on the go – who’s the new human’s best friend?

Not a dog.

It’s the phone, his majesty.

Just how many times are you bored per day? Boring meeting, waiting in line, commuting.

Fire up Instagram and you are in Escapeland. It’s instant gratification, a perfect time killer.

6. It’s an escape heaven – your day sucks, you can’t sleep, you hate your job.

Your escape mechanism is right there, in your phone.

Fire up Instagram and you lose yourself in thousands of photos of landscapes, Lamborghinis, beautiful people, puppies.

And nobody wants you to commit!


If you’re not on Instagram, try it.

And while you’re there, you can follow me on Instagram. 🙂

You will be amazed by its responsiveness, by the crowd’s show of love whenever you post something.

And sooner or later, you’ll be dying for that fix of love, too. 🙂

Do you find Instagram addictive? Share your thoughts.

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