6 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Post For Lead Generation

6 ways to optimize your blog post for lead generation - Implement these 6 features and optimize your blog for lead generation - turn traffic into leads, and leads into customers

6 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Post For Lead Generation - Implement these 6 features and optimize your blog for lead generation - turn traffic into leads, and leads into customers...You’re spending sleepless nights writing your blog posts.

You offer value to your audience, but what about your goals?

What should a good post accomplish?

Your no. 1 goal when writing any blog post is to entice the reader to perform your Most Desired Action (MDA).

Your Most Desired Action should be that your readers sign up to get your lead magnet which is congruent with the topic of your post.


In normal speak – you need to generate leads.

Let’s see how you can do that.

6 ways to turn your blog post into a lead generating machine

You need to add a number of features, or elements, to your blog post in order to entice your readers to subscribe to your blog.

I’m assuming here that you already have a lead magnet you offer to subscribers.

Here are the 7 elements of a lead generating blog post:

1. Scroll mat (or welcome mat) – this is the feature of a number of email collection tools which has become popular recently. The scroll mat basically fills out the whole screen when a visitor arrives to the blog and presents your offer to them (your lead magnet with the optin field).

It’s very effective as it drives email sign ups because the visitor is presented with only one call to action across the whole screen (single required action – always the best).

It’s also easy to skip by scrolling down the post so that visitors can have an uninterrupted experience (translation: you won’t annoy them too much).

2. Popup – an alternative to the scroll mat.You what these are – a window that pops up while you are reading a blog post.

Popups seem to be everywhere. People complain they are annoying but they work in increasing your subscription rates.

Depending on the tool you can time the popup to display after a certain number of seconds. You can set it to pop right away when a visitor arrives, or after, say, 10 or 15 seconds. The key with the delay timing is to test what works best.

3. Sticky bar – this is the bar at the very top of the screen that stays up there even when a visitor scrolls down. Hence the name sticky bar.

It can contain an email sign up field and can drive optins as well. The key is to write a good copy as the space is limited.

4. Inline optin form – you can place an optin form inside the text of your blog post. This way the readers can’t help but notice the form because the text wraps around the form nicely and they can subscribe if they are interested.

5. Below post optin form – this one is a no-brainer. If the reader came this far that means he or she found your post compelling enough to read it to the very end. The reader is now in the prime mindset to want to learn more.

By placing the optin form right under the end of your post you can capitalize on the question in the prospects mind “where do I go next?”.

To your optin, of course. That is your Most Desired Action.

6. Exit pop – you must have seen these. Exit pops are triggered when you make an exit intent, meaning when you move your cursor towards the “X” button on the tab or browser window to close it. Clever they are, indeed. 🙂

Exit pop ups are useful as they recover a certain percentage of your visitors and turn them into leads. You would have anyway lost these visitors so it’s a good last resort measure to try and convert them into your subscribers.

Now at this point you’re probably wondering how on earth can you create these elements and install them on your website?

Well wonder no more – check out this post on the most popular tools for collecting leads on your website – you’ll find plenty of options there.


If you are just writing your blog posts for the love of it and with the intent of sparking a conversation – that’s totally fine and legitimate. No need for all these lead generating elements complicating your writing and the user experience.

However, if you want to convert your hard earned traffic into subscribers or leads, and eventually into sales, then you must waste no time and implement these asap.

The number 1 regret of top bloggers such as Pat Flynn and others is that they did not start building their lists sooner.

Implement these lead generation elements and you’ll be safe from having that regret. 🙂

What other elements are you using? Share your thoughts.

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