7 Reasons Why Solo Ads Are A Great Source Of Traffic

7 Reasons Why Solo Ads Are A Great Source Of Traffic - Solo ads, or email drops as they are also known, are a great source of traffic for list building and other purposes, if you know what you're doing... Read more!

7 Reasons Why Solo Ads Are A Great Source Of Traffic - Solo ads, or email drops as they are also known, are a great source of traffic for list building and other purposes, if you know what you're doing... Read more!If you’ve been into internet marketing for any length of time, then you’ve for sure come across the term “solo ads”.

Solo ads, or email drops as they are also known, are specific type of traffic where you agree with another marketer who has a large list to send an email to his or her list and promote your offer in that email.

Your offer would typically be a lead magnet (eg. a free ebook) in exchange for an email address, or you could send traffic to a blog post, or even a sales page directly.

It’s just one more form of advertising, because you pay per click on the link in that email which redirects recipients of that email to your offer.

It’s become immensely popular over the recent years, and people have built businesses only on building huge lists and selling clicks in this way.

This popularity has its merit, and here are the 5 reasons why solo ads are a great potential source of traffic for you as an internet marketer:

1. Flexibility: In the vast majority of cases you are buying the clicks (i.e. traffic) from private individuals, and as such they are much more flexible in terms of their requirements as regards your landing page, its layout, whether it has mandatory links to other pages etc. In short, all the requirements that Google and Facebook have become very stringent upon are not in place.

For example, you might have some difficulties running traffic using Google ads to an optin page to collect subscriber email addresses, as Google’s policies do not permit this. Google and Facebook don’t allow exit pops either, with which you try to get that one last chance to get the optin from the visitor when he or she click the dreaded “Back” button.

All of these things are allowed when buying solo ads. In fact, this is indeed one of the major traffic sources for building lists thanks to the lack of restrictions.

So, if you like the flexibility which is not available with large advertising corporations, you can see the benefit here.

2. Fast list building: solo ads are effectively emails that are sent to a list of subscribers. These people are already used to getting emails which invite them to perform various actions, such as clicking on links in the email, sending them to free download offers in exchange for their email address etc.

As such, if you properly align the offer to which you are sending your solo ad traffic with the text of the actual email (so that the recipients know what to expect), and if it is a topic of interest to that list of subscribers, you can expect an average optin rate of 40% or higher (the number of subscribers / number of clicks you bought).

So for example, if you buy 1,000 clicks and get 40% optin rate, you will have obtained 400 subscribers in one session to which you can then market your or affiliate products via email campaigns.

3. Can be bought in small batches: this is true in internet marketing niche, as you can buy packages from 50 clicks all the way up to even 50,000 clicks from the biggest sellers in the market.

This allows you to test the offer you have created with smaller click packages and see if it will be interesting to potential subscribers without breaking the bank.

4. The seller can help you craft the email: top solo ad sellers are experienced in what they do and know quite well what kind of email would resonate well with their subscribers and still get you the optin rate which is satisfactory for you.

It’s best practice if you can craft your email and send it to the solo ad seller to be sent to his or her list, but good sellers will work with you and suggest changes which can improve the results (and convert you into a repeat buyer from them). ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Your email, exclusively yours: what this means is that the email which will be sent will not contain anything else but your offer, and thus there will be no distractions in the text from the actual call to action which you crafted.

This is favorable because there will be zero clutter as, for example, in Google search results where there can sometimes be up to 10 ads at the same time together with your ad, depending on the popularity of the keyword.

The message in the email which you are paying for is laser focused, which is key.

6. Relatively cheap: depending on the market and the competition among solo ad sellers you can get relatively cheap price per click compared to other paid traffic sources.

For example, in internet marketing niche prices start from 35 cents per click and up, and the average price of a good quality seller might be around 70-80 cents per click.

In self-help niche, for example, you’ll probably find higher cost per click starting at around 75 cents per click and up.

7. Easy to track: you can easily track the success of you solo ad.

You would provide a unique, trackable link to your solo ad seller which you can monitor even in the WordPress dashboard of your site to see how many unique clicks you are getting.

You can use the Pretty Link Lite plugin for this, which is just one of many options, but this one is free and does the job nicely.


On the other hand, you will monitor how many subscribers you are getting in your autoresponder service (eg. Aweber or GetResponse).

Divide the number of subscribers with the number of unique clicks you got – and you have your optin rate, as well as you cost per subscriber, which should not be more that $1 per subscriber with a well optimized offer and a receptive list.

Of course, there are a number of caveats when working with solo ads, because horror stories abound all across the internet how people lost the money to shady solo ad sellers, or didn’t get any conversions (hint: bot traffic), and lots of other bad stuff.

But today we’re talking about the good stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will set out what to watch for when using solo ads in a post that’s coming soon!

Have you used solo ads? What was your experience? What would you add, subtract, give a different angle on? Please help the community in the comments below! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Boris Qs

    Reply Reply August 20, 2015

    I will agree with all the points but i have a little disagrement with point 6. Relatively cheap: In my opinion and just like you mentioned to get quality click you will need to spend more. 70-80 cents . So in effect, there is no need to buy click that are not of quality otherwise it will be like throwing money away.

    That leaves us with the Quality clicks of 70-80 cents . That when compared to the Facebook targeted ads, you will see that Facebook is more cheaper for traffic. But using quality solo ads there is more asurance to get sign ups because you are being refared by a third party who already know the traffic and know what makes thm tick.
    Check out what Boris Qs just posted…A Big Mistake Affiliate Marketers Make. No, Not That โ€ฆ This!My Profile

  • Oggie

    Reply Reply August 20, 2015

    Hi Boris, thanks for stopping by!
    I would agree that if you know how to do them, FB ads are cheaper. Solo ads tend to drive warmer traffic because your offer is endorsed by the sender and as such it’s relatively higher priced than FB ads. And if your offer is right you’ll get good conversions and hopefully sales.

    Thanks, hope business is going well for you!

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