– How Jerry Seinfeld Became A Great Comedian

How Jerry Seinfeld Became A Great Comedian? is the productivity iPhone app that digitizes the system which helped Jerry Seinfeld become one of the most successful comedians of our time. As Jerry Seinfeld put it: "Don't break the chain!". This app can seriously boost your productivity... if you change your habits, too :)

How Jerry Seinfeld Became A Great Comedian? is the productivity iPhone app that digitizes the system which helped Jerry Seinfeld become one of the most successful comedians of our time. As Jerry Seinfeld put it: "Don't break the chain!". This app can seriously boost your productivity... if you change your habits, too :)There’s a nice story that sounds almost like a legendary tale on how an aspiring comedian got a backstage advice from Jerry Seinfeld. The question was, not surprisingly: how to become a great comedian.

What Jerry Seinfeld said was: in order to become great, you need to write jokes Every Single Day.

Not only that, but There’s An App For That.


Uh, I’m getting ahead of myself…

What Was Jerry Seinfeld’s Secret System For Success!?

Well, Mr Seinfeld didn’t have the app at that moment, but he described a pen-and-paper system that he used to track his progress.

He would make sure to write jokes every single day, and would have a large piece of paper on his wall with the calendar showing days of that month as well as the whole year.

For each day that he would write  jokes, he would cross out that day on that large calendar. That way, when he would write regularly, he would create a chain of x-marks one after the other, day after day.

This had 2 psychological and motivational benefits:

  • he was happy to see the progress – he was writing every day!
  • he would do anything not to break the chain that he worked so hard to create

The whole idea is, if you don’t break the chain you will be getting closer and closer to your goal every single day. You’ll start liking the chain and you’ll be getting better at what you’re doing, thus you’ll be motivated not to break it.

You can read more on this story here and here.

Now, I tried it on myself, and I can tell you that it works!

But I did not use the pen and paper, but the nicely laid out, addictive app for iPhone.

There are a number of apps for Android as well, you can check out this one, Goal Tracker & Habit List, or MyChain, for example. Or you can check out the web version at Don’t Break the Chain.

How Does App Work?

Super simple.

You define tasks, and every day that you work on a specific task you “cross out” that day as “done” – and you’ll start developing a chain.

Here is the main dashboard, and once you tap on a task you can set a reminder for that task as well as set the days on which you are going to skip that task (you plan to go jogging only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for example).

When you flip your iPhone into the landscape mode you will see the calendar days with the check marks and can visualize your progress.


As you can see, I broke the chain twice in my firs task… and couldn’t get round to starting the second task… 🙁 But am rocking on the third task, and am overall very happy with my progress!

This is actually helping me to see where I was overzealous and am probably going to scrap the second task. This is super useful to help you get insight what you plan, and what are attainable possibilities.

But my habits are shifting, and it feels great!

How To Get The Best Results With The App?

This app is simple to use, but what is not simple at all is to make yourself stick to your planned routine.

Let’s face it, it requires changing your daily habits and accommodating the new schedule in your life.

It’s very similar to the New Year’s resolutions – if you really do not adopt the habit of “showing up” regularly, the you will not have to use this app at all, and those resolutions will remain just that – resolutions. 🙂

The key is to force yourself to establish the routine and stick to it with the regularity which you design. Recording it in is just a final, but powerful, step.

I attempted a number of times, and failed royally, at regularizing my routines. But with this app, and the two complementary resources below, I am finally succeeding. And it’s feels great. themselves offer a group environment whee you can become a member of various groups that work on tasks which you want engage in. It is a bit easier to stick to your routines if you are a part of a group and if you can motivate each other and hold each other accountable

What Can Help Me In Changing Habits?

I’m now venturing into a tough territory, which is how to change existing or install new habits.

Well luckily, there’s an awesome book and an awesome app fro that too!

The book that totally changed how I look at productivity and the habits is The Power of Habit, check it out on


I read it in one day, could not put it down, honestly.

When you realize how habits are formed, how simple shifts in habits can turn huge companies around, and how you can apply lessons and findings from that book to your own life, you’ll realize there’s not too many huge obstacles to becoming productive.

You need one, first shift, and you’ll be on your way to accomplishing what you want and set your mind to.

For me the most enlightening finding is that once you adopt just one habit, it has a ripple effect onto the other aspects of your life. You’ll do other tasks with less effort, be in a better mood and achieve more.

Just one habit seems to be what we human beings need to start being productive and, more importantly, happier machines!

An the other app I mentioned? It’s called 30/30, it’s a free app and goes hand in hand with for me.

It has a timer which tracks my progress when I work on a task, and once I finish it, you guessed it – I cross that task for that day in!

Price: $1.99. You can download the app at iTunes.

How did you manage to adopt productive habits in your daily business and life? Please share below and help the community. 🙂


  • Patrick

    Reply Reply July 19, 2015

    Great story linking the app to Seinfeld. Very well done. Love the layout of your site, it is very easy to navigate. I look forward to working through it more when things calm down…juggling lots of balls right now, as I am sure you are! best to you.

    • Oggie

      Reply Reply July 19, 2015

      Thanks Patrick, yes things do indeed get hectic at times… hope you manage the balance of business and life, all the best!

  • Craig Frazier

    Reply Reply July 22, 2015

    Ha! I loved this! I am actually in the middle of watching all the Seinfeld episodes on Hulu right now so this was a perfect story for me. Thanks for the inspiring words on making daily progress and pointing me to the app….I had no idea there was such a thing!

    Excellent work and timely advice – thanks!
    Check out what Craig Frazier just posted…Welcome Video from Craig Frazier #QuickStartChallengeMy Profile

    • Oggie

      Reply Reply July 22, 2015

      Hi Craig, thanks a lot for your kind words. I never thought an app could kick me into productivity, but when you see the chains connecting you feel really good! 🙂 All the best on your journey!

  • Tom

    Reply Reply August 8, 2015

    Actually, when I came to this site I was going to write a comment on your top post. But the headline on this post is so compelling. I was intrigued to read more. I’m glad I did.

    I have never heard of this chain system before but I will be trying it out . I can see that it will help productivity and make me feel happy. Once I have completed a task.

    Check out what Tom just posted…How To Make Successful Marketing CampaignsMy Profile

    • Oggie

      Reply Reply August 30, 2015

      Hi Tom, yes it’s worth giving it a try, it has helped me a lot to focus and complete stuff! 🙂

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