Instagram Power Book Review – Learn How To Use Images To Grow Your Business

Instagram Power – Book Review

You’d expect that “Instagram Power” is yet another book capitalizing on the teenage craze of uploading endless selfies. That it would teach you how to take that perfect selfie and get your 15 minutes of fame.

You’d be very wrong.

This book is a superb guide of all technical aspects of how Instagram works, but where it surprisingly over delivers are the marketing and monetization strategies and their practical, actionable applications on this fast growing, image-centric social platform.

Who is Jason Miles?

The author, Jason Miles, is the co-founder and the chief marketer of Liberty Jane Clothing, a company which manufactures and sells clothes for the American Girl Dolls. That is quite a specific, not-so-broad niche, and the author is perfectly positioned to speak from the point of view of a small business owner and entrepreneur.

He is already an established author, having two best sellers on Amazon – “Pinterest Power” and “Craft Business Power”, and maintains quite a busy speaking schedule as well.

Finally, he is the Vice President of Advancement at the Northwest University.

What is Instagram Power all About?

The book goes much broader than you’d expect judging by its title.

The author provides a well informed and backed-by-statistics illustration how mobile has quickly conquered our lives, and builds a great case for why something like Instagram had to come about.

He gives convincing arguments why if you want to run mobile marketing campaigns you simply have to be on Instagram.

Next, he explains the technicalities of how Instagram works and what makes the users of that platform tick.

For example, he does a great job comparing Instagram with other networks, and illustrates the user expactations thus:

“Followers on Instagram expect you to publish a few pictures a day—that’s it. They appreciate it when you like their photo, and they are blown away when you leave a comment. Facebook followers, on the other hand, expect you to show up, say something, and be generally conversational with them. They expect real-time participation.”

In addition, he prompts you into building proactively your Instagram account:

“Novice social media marketers assume that “organic growth” means “unadded growth,” but this is not true. The truth is, there are things that won’t and don’t happen unless something else happens first.

This is the basic concept of a catalyst. Popcorn will never pop unless you heat it up, and your Instagram profile will never aggressively aggressively grow unless you use a proper catalyst.

Setting up a profile and doing the basic user behaviors, in this case uploading pictures, will not create a flash mob of organic growth. That’s not a realistic amount of effort, no matter how good your pictures are.”

But when the author dives into the psychology and the behavior of the potential buyers, the multi step product launch campaigns, the triggers which push people into action, the engaging contests, and the campaigns for non-profit sector – that’s where this book truly knocks it out of the park.

He takes the established marketing strategies and techniques and dissects them in detail, showing you screenshots of how his company and others do it, step by step.

He describes case studies of successful Instagram users who have pushed their businesses to great heights, and explains what they did and why it was successful.

An example here is ModCloth, the online retailer of vintage-inspired and indie clothing, accessories and decor.

He covers one of their images in the Chapter 8, “Instant Buying Decisions on Instagram” (yes, you read that correctly, people do instantly buy on Instagram 🙂 ).

That ModCloth image was liked 13,200 times and had 353 comments (!), which include the following (excerpt from the book):
“I just ordered it too!
Hope it gets to me for New Years.:)”
“I got it!”
“I can’t live without this.”
“I want!!”
“Me too!”
“Ah I want it! I just saw it on the site.”
Notice that the comments center on the word want?”

Ha! Bet you didn’t expect such impulse buying behavior on Instagram. 🙂 And if you’d like to know which image that was, you’ll have to buy the book (sorry!).

Now, should you market your business on Instagram? I think you know the answer.

What I like about Instagram Power

The book is a superb collection of marketing and monetization strategies (10 to be exact) which any small (and large) business can apply on Instagram.

The author obviously has a comprehensive background in marketing and business development, but more importantly he is in the trenches, an entrepreneur who is constantly testing new techniques and generously shares what works (and what doesn’t) for his business and others.

You’ll see plenty of case studies, screenshots of what exactly is an effective, action driving Instagram image, and step by step product launch images that Mr. Miles uses in his own business.

That is huge value if you are just starting on Instagram, or looking to jump start your efforts there.

Is there anything that could have been a bit better?

Again, as with all other books on social media, the authors always risk mentioning something that can disappear or change just months after the book publication.

Such is the case with one of the tools frequently mentioned in the book, Statigram, which, when you google it you get the result for Iconosquare, which is how that tool is called today.

But this is really not a big deal, as you can google this stuff and find a plethora of tools available for managing your Instagram presence – you’re an entrepreur, right?

It’s probably not worth author’s time to update the book with all the changes as they are endless in the world of social media.

So, not a biggie at all, the book rocks!


I would definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting to figure out how to build their following on Instagram, but also for having a superb reference for a number of effective marketing and monetization strategies in general.

It’s a very actionable book which will broaden your horizons so that you can see what is possible on this deceptively simple, yet very powerful social platform.

Well done, Mr. Miles.

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