Procrastination + Shiny Object Syndrome = Fatal Attraction

How to get rid of Procrastination + Shiny Object Syndrome love affair? It's very simple, really...

How to get rid of Procrastination + Shiny Object Syndrome love affair? It's very simple, really...The term “Shiny Object Syndrome”, or SOS, has truly and spectacularly been beaten to death.

Leadership gurus love it, internet marketers love it. It’s a lovable thing to throw around.

If you’re new to it – it’s a syndrome we all fall prey to at some time or another.

Let’s say you buy a course on any topic, then start applying it. Then get an email from another guru selling you another awesome course.

Then you jump on that new course, because, of course, it’s the next best thing.

And you don’t even go through any of these courses until the end, and you never implement them.

You never get started and waste days, months or even years jumping from one shiny object to another.

There’s one human trait which goes hand in hand with this syndrome.

Her Majesty – Procrastination.

The act of buying one more awesome-riches-overnight product, or one more gadget – that’s procrastination in disguise.

A typical human will think: “Just this one more product and I’ll be ready for the stars”. And Procrastination inside that typical human says: “Yes, my love! Nobody knows me like you do, baby.” πŸ™‚

Because think about it: by telling yourself that just one more course/one more thing/one more ________ will solve all your problems, you’re creating a perfect justification to not take action.

You’re tricking yourself, and delaying your Great Start.

It’s a perfect Procrastination in action, and SOS is one of its favorite toys.

It’s a vicious love affair, and you need to end it.

There’s a huge appeal in buying yet another software tool and playing with it, your favorite coffee next to you, biscuits and a comfy blanket too.

Fury pet making noises, warming your feet on a Sunday morning, while you are playing with your brand new Shiny Object. And accomplishing nothing, again.

You must end it – end the Procrastination+SOS love affair now.

How To Get rid of Procrastination and the SOS

Alex Jeffreys said one deviously simple thing.

I found it so simple, yet so powerful. Perfect Procrastination/SOS killer, at least for me.

“Stop buying, start selling.”

Let’s say that “once again, with feeling.”

“Stop buying, start selling.”

Think about it.

Why are you buying all the courses and shiny new things in the first place?

Because you want to learn how to start selling!

You want to build your business, not spend your hard earned cash blindly.

So once you learn your stuff, once you’re ready to kickstart your business, once you’re confident you’re ready to start selling – stop buying! Seriously.

Create something awesome and start selling.

Just start.

The world needs your awesome creation.

How do you fight procrastination and the SOS? Please talk in the comments and help the community.

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