The Art of Social Media Book Review – Top Influencers Show You How It’s Done

The Art of Social Media Book Review – Top Influencers Show You How It’s Done

Ah, such a joy to find a book that does not treat the “What” only but the “How” as well!

“Art of Social Media” is indeed a unique, no-fluff, value-packed “how-to” reference on how to rock social media.

Written as a rapid fire of tips, you’re going to find yourself referring back to this book again and again for such diverse topics as figuring out how to run a campaign or perfecting that image on your Twitter profile.

Guy’s direct, no-nonsense style is a joy to read, and from the first tip you’ll find yourself implementing the changes or advice he gives you, checking if your profile or content you share is up to scratch.

Or you might realize you’ve looked pretty clueless when you posted that thing on Instagram…

The book is so actionable it can feel a bit overwhelming as it covers so many crucial aspects of social media efforts, from how to make your profile, to what to post, to when to post, to strategies and best practices for top networks.

Get ready for a huge amount of value.

Who are Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick?

If you don’t know Guy Kawasaki, then you have not immersed yourself in social media as you should have done.

Chief former evangelist at Apple, current chief evangelist of the online design tool Canva, author of bestsellers such as “The Art of the Start”, “APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur” and others, an executive fellow of the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, and a special advisor to the CEO of the Motorola business unit of Google – Guy rocks the social media like no one else.

He has millions of followers on a number of social networks, and owns, co-owns or consults with a number of aggregator websites, tools and software companies. He curates tons of content and shares huge numbers of posts, yet he still says he is not an expert in social media as it changes so fast – and smiles at anyone who claims to be one.

Peg Fitzpatrick is one of the top social media influencers who ran social media campaigns for such brands as Motorola, Google, Audi, Canva, Virgin… Besides Google+ she also rocks the visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram and is a master strategist when it comes to running large scale social media campaigns.

Check out her blog – Peg Fitzpatrick – a superb resource with tons of social media-related stuff.

Safe to say you’re in great hands with these two. 🙂

What is “Art of Social Media” all about?

It’s designed to give you the detailed “how tos” on every aspect of social media, from creating your profiles, to what content to share, to how to run Twitter chats, to how to cover live events, to the tools and resources you can use for all these, and much more.

Tip number 2., for example, says this:

2. Optimize for Five Seconds – People do not study profiles. They spend a few seconds looking and make a snap decision. If this were online dating, think Tinder (swipe right for yes, swipe left for no) versus eHarmony (complete the Relationship Questionnaire). Your profile should give the impression that you are likable, trustworthy, and competent.”

This is the stuff Guy talks about. The nitty-gritty details and how to make it shine.

Such as: your profile should be asymmetrical, as it makes your profile “look more interesting”.

Which logo to use. And for which purpose. And what your key message should be, apparent immediately from your profile.

“Feeding the Content Monster” chapter illustrates what today’s social media madness really means, and the title of the chapter indeed communicates it properly.

Guy lists a long list of sources where you can find your content to share, giving you advice on the mix and relevance of your posts.

Use Feedly, Alltop, Flipboard and many, many others. Use Buffer to share. Use Canva to make images.

He doesn’t sugar coat it at all – social media is a demanding game, if you want to succeed at it.

“How to Avoid Looking Clueless” is a chapter you will feel immediately drawn to (great click bait indeed 🙂 ), and it contains powerful real-world advice on how to up your game to craft professional posts, avoid looking like an amateur and look cool.

It’s followed by the chapter which gives tons of tips on how to optimize for each individual social platform which is an absolute key. It reinforces Gary Vaynerchuk’s point that you must adapt the message to each different network and tells you how to do it right.

What I like about the “Art of Social Media”

Its no-fluff style packed with actionable tips, advice, ideas, resources and tools.

The book’s appeal and value lies in the fact that Guy goes much deeper into stuff than just saying what to do – he provides screenshots, links and tools that can help you jump start your efforts.

And it’s not an essay-type book either. It’s presented in the most popular format – it’s basically a giant list of tips and tricks from the pros. Yes you might be sick of seeing list posts all over internet and the social media, but it’s because of one powerful reason – this format works!

It’s easy to digest and follow and will help you upgrade your social media efforts significantly.

Is there anything that you might not like?

Make no mistake – this is an indispensable book.

If you insist on stretching the argument that there always must be something that could be improved then the only thing may be that if you’re just starting out with social media, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

If you’ve never created a profile, or posted on any of the networks, then you might be wondering “Man, where do I start…?”

But social media is really easy to start with. However, the completely different matter altogether is how to do it right, and how do it day in, day out, endlessly, which is how you win in this game.

And this is where this book over delivers. Choose one network to start with, the one you feel most comfortable with, and “Art of Social Media” will give you a ton of advice, insights and best practices on how you can rock the platform of your choice.

And the cynics that say that Guy is using the book to sell products of the brands he works with?

Of course he does!

Indeed, he would fail his own message miserably if he did not, and is open about the fact completely. If you did not expect someone whose entire career is about promotion (of brands’ products and of himself) to also promote in this book, then you better adjust your expectations. 🙂

Social media is a prime channel for promotion, and this book excels in showing you how to do it right.


Don’t think twice – buy this book!

Check the profiles of these two authors.

See the millions of followers and posts on all the networks where they are present (and they are everywhere!).

Guy and Peg will provide you with serious value and an actionable reference guide with tons of examples on how to succeed in social media. You will be going back again and again, checking how they did what you are about to do.

Because they did it all, long before you and I.

And are sharing their golden nuggets with us.

Did you read “Art of Social Media”? Share your thoughts.

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