Twitter Power 3.0 Book Review – A Detailed Guide On How to Rock Twitter

Twitter Power 3.0 Book Review – A Detailed Guide On How to Rock Twitter

Twitter Power 3.0 comes with more detail, screenshots, advice, “how tos” and strategies than you’ll probably be able to digest in one reading.

It covers so much ground and is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to jump start their efforts on this micro blogging social platform.

The authors are tech pioneers with large followings on Twitter and are not afraid to test to see what works and what doesn’t, and generously share their results.

It’s a book that you’re going to keep as a handy reference for all things related to Twitter as you dive into the ocean of tweets, replies, hashtags and influencers.

Who are Joel Comm and Dave Taylor

The authors are superstars in their own right, and have their footprint in many ventures, conferences, shows and companies big and small.

Joel Comm is a New York Times bestselling author of The AdSense Code, Click Here to Order, and KaChing among others – 12 books in total. He has been in the online business since 1990s, and has created one of the first websites on the internet. He has trained, consulted or partnered with Microsoft, IBM, Hubspot and many others, and is also a sought after speaker. And he created a bestselling iPhone app, too… You can check him out at

Dave Taylor is one of the internet pioneers, has launched 4 internet startups and authored more than 20 books. He’s also an accomplished keynote speaker and host. He writes about tech, business and other stuff at, about parenting at, and about films at

Told you, all over the place these guys are.

What is Twitter Power 3.0 all about?

The book is a thorough guide on how to succeed on Twitter. And I mean seriously thorough.

It’s as if you sat with a friend who took a very long holiday just to help you out, step by step, with every little thing you need to do to rock it on this platform.

The well-placed introduction by the authors of what social media is all about is quite a gem, because so many people come with wrong expectations of what it is used for. The general social media principles apply to Twitter as well, and you’d do well to follow them.

Twiter’s a giant party, and you should not hit the party with a hard selling message. Rather, join the party, make friends, and sales will come without you openly pushing them.

The authors spend a painstaking amount of time and effort to help you set up your profile correctly. However, this indeed is a crucial aspect of your Twitter approach, as Twitter users form a snap judgement as soon as they see your profile.

They then show you how to tweet properly, give you no less than 16 types of tweets that you should use. This is all beefed up with screenshots, examples and commentary on how a particular tweet worked, what could have been done better, if possible.

The authors go into great details explaining how to connect with people, build your following, use Twitter to create and boost your brand, and use it to… wait for it… make money!

Finally they give you plenty of tools to speed up and ease your Twitter experience, and provide a list of Twitter influencers to follow.

If that’s not covering the whole Twitter ground, then I’m at a loss to say what is. Really a lot of value here.

What I like about Twitter Power 3.0

It’s not a theoretical book. It’s a a true “how to” guide on how to rock this platform that could be confusing to newcomers.

The number of examples in the form of screenshots and suggestions of tweets for many scenarios, or fully written bio examples for various niches, or ideas on how to connect with influencers (again with examples) is a huge value.

In addition, the authors did not shy away from explaining how to make money with Twitter. I mean, how rude is that? Making money on a social platform?

Joking aside – so many marketers will just tell you that you have to collect likes, followers and overall “karma”, and don’t help you on how to build your business with social media. Ironically, this is what those same authors use the platforms for.

Not Messrs. Comm and Taylor. They give you detailed examples of how they used Twitter to make affiliate sales, or how to increase Google AdSense income. How to track the success of particular tweets and how you can improve their performance.

Great stuff.

Is there anything you might not like?

As with every book on social media, the authors take a calculated risk that what they are writing about may no longer be in place after the book is published. For example, there is no mention that there’s a cap of 5,000 people you can follow, as those were still the merry days of following everybody.

But that is peanuts, and not a big deal at all – if you complain about this detail then you’ll have a hard time making friends. πŸ™‚

One thing that some readers may frown upon is this: there are basically two schools of thought when it comes to following:followers ratio.

The authors are in the camp which teaches that you should follow only the accounts that you find interesting, and that can mean that you follow 193 people and you are followed by 83,000.

The opposite camp like to follow everyone back immediately, and such users can have 21,000 followers and 22,000 following.

If you are in the latter camp, you might slightly frown upon their approach, but you really have no reason to. It has clearly worked for them, and your approach of following everyone back immediately clearly works for many other influencers such as Kim Garst, Ted Rubin and so many others.

The point is that you must test what works for you, and must learn from the experiences of other power users and influencers.

Approach it with an open mind and everything will work out.


This is an awesome book, dear readers, there’s no doubt about it.

If you want a thorough guide on how to succeed on Twitter, you don’t need to look further. Do yourself a favor and buy it now.

Read it. Digest it. Then apply all the stuff in it.

You’ll make it on Twitter if you follow it, sooner or later – no doubt.

Did you read this book? Share your thoughts.

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