Which Skill Can Help You Create A Business Out Of Thin Air?

Which skill can help you create a business out of thin air? You might be surprised...

Which skill can help you create a business out of thin air? You might be surprised...When you think about it, what skill emerges as absolutely crucial when you want to create a business out of thin air on the internet?


Before you start complaining and shouting: outsourcing! sales! building relationships! design! traffic!… Think about the following…

If you want to “do it yourself” you need to:

  • Write blog posts
  • Write tweets to promote those posts
  • Write Facebook posts to promote them too
  • Write emails to influencers to establish relationships with them
  • Write a freebie you want to give away as lead magnet to get subscribers
  • Write a squeeze page which will compel visitors to become subscribers
  • Write a product to sell, be it an ebook, a course, or a video series (write scripts for those videos)
  • Write a sales page for that product you intend to sell
  • Write a script of the video sales letter for your product
  • Write a Thank You page someone buys, which is likely an up-sell page
  • Write your up-sell product which is an ebook or a course or video course
  • Write slides for Slideshare
  • Write a bio page for your site, and Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Write to hosting support when things break down
  • Write to your spouse you’ll be late
  • Write emails to your subscribers for relationships building
  • Write emails to your subscribers to sell them products
  • Write a reply to a customer complaining
  • Write a reply to a customer praising your product
  • Write clear instructions to your virtual assistant or an outsourced designer
  • Write to your spouse how much you miss her, how this life would be meaningless without her love, support, her compassionate eyes

You need to write and write and write.

And if you outsource everything, then you still need the writing skill to figure out if what you got back from your outsourcing partners is quality stuff.

If you have a budget you can outsource from the get go.

But if you are starting out without a budget, writing can take you to he stars!

What else your need writing skill for? Please add in the comments and help the community.

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